A number of changes accompany this first issue of 2003, with more to follow later in the year. Five associate editors have completed their term of service: Rob Clark, Chuck Farrar, H. S. Tzou, Alex Vakakis, and Ben Yang. I thank each of them on behalf of ASME for their service to the Journal. I welcome four new associate editors to the Journal, beginning with this issue: Shirley Dyke, John Main, Rob Parker, and Dane Quinn.

A major change will occur soon in the way the Journal processes contributions. Beginning April 1, manuscript submission and review will be web-based. I invite interested readers to go to http://journaltool.asme.org/Content/index.cfm for details of the electronic submission process.

Many thanks go to all of our authors and reviewers for their contributions to the success of the Journal in 2002, and best wishes to all for a happy and healthy new year.

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