Welcome to the third annual special issue on wind energy. I again extend my heartfelt thanks to the authors and reviewers who have made this issue possible. I thought I was really ahead of the curve on this issue–I started the process early, got the papers out for review quickly, set deadlines to give me plenty of lead time to complete the entire review process by early June. Then reality took over: Dependable reviewers were weeks late in completing reviews, I spaced it on sending out the review material for one paper and didn’t realize it until many weeks later, authors sent in revisions weeks later than they promised, I got distracted, etc. The important thing is we got the job done once more (even if I was several weeks behind our publisher’s deadline for getting all the material submitted), and here’s another issue of high-quality papers on wind energy for your reading pleasure.

The papers included in this issue come from an international cast of authors (and were reviewed by experts from around the world) and cover recent work in many different aspects of wind energy. Many of the papers come from the 2003 ASME Wind Energy Symposium. A couple of the other papers are holdovers from the 2002 ASME Wind Energy Symposium; the rest were submitted to JSEE throughout the year and just happened to complete the review process in time to appear in this issue. The paper by Duquette and Visser marks a milestone for JSEE–it is the first JSEE paper to be submitted and reviewed entirely via the new ASME Digital Submission Site on the World-Wide Web. We’re still working the bugs out of that process, but I think it will really help expedite the entire review and publication process in the coming years.

As always, I invite all of you to submit contributions–technical papers, technical briefs, discussion articles, or photographs (Solar Scenery)–on any aspect of solar or wind energy to JSEE. You can either submit your contribution the old way by sending your printed materials to Jane Davidson, the JSEE Editor, or you can submit your paper electronically through the new ASME web submission site at https://journaltool.asme.org/Content/index.cfm. Try life in the fast lane–give the web site a try and give us your feedback on what you like or don’t like about how it works!