This article describes various sources of noise in computer analysis. Noise is a fact of life and is usually heard as wind, traffic, other creatures, etc. Humans are also surrounded by electromagnetic noise-radio and TV signals, signals from cell phones, and global positioning systems. Noise is also the unwanted data that accompanies all but the simplest measurements. According to experts in the field of digital simulation, noise in data can be costly, in terms of time, money, and error, when it gets into computer analysis of engineering designs. Finding and eliminating noise can make significant hits to engineering schedules, deadlines, and budgets. The costs of wasted time add up quickly at $50 an hour for a designer and $150 an hour or more per staff engineer. Rates for independent experts are two to three times higher. To this must be added the costs of engineering resources wasted, computer systems sidetracked, and deadlines missed.

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To further understand how to deal with noise in analysis, Ken Perry of EchoBio recommends:

Numerical Methods for Experimental Mechanics by
Donald G.
Random Data: Analysis and Measurement Procedures by
Julius S.
Allan G.
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