In the world of research, we often comment that we are closer to colleagues sharing the same interests at the other side of the world than to our colleagues next door. While this may be true, it is also true that local conditions and traditions create variety and enrich our common experience. Placing some body of work in the context of its creators gives us a deeper understanding and appreciation. It also brings us closer as a community.

In this spirit, I have started asking colleagues from various countries around the world to offer us their local perspective on design research and education and also to ponder on the role that our journal can play in supporting design in their local context. In future issues I expect to host a few such guest editorials, some contributed by associate editors of the journal. The selection of countries and the order of appearance are circumstantial and reflect no preference or priority. I hope to host as many of these contributions as I can get. The inaugural contribution below comes from France, and I am grateful to Associate Editor Bernard Yannou, Professor at Ecole Centrale Paris, and to Jean-François Petiot, Professor at Ecole Centrale de Nantes, for sharing their insights on the “French Perspective.”