Select the common mooring system-soft yoke mooring system as the research object. The soft yoke mooring system is regarded as a structure composed of multiple rigid bodies, and the theoretical analysis of multi-body dynamics is used to discuss the interaction of multi-rigid bodies.

The classical HYSY113 FPSO is selected as an example, for the soft yoke mooring system, the stiffness characteristics and static restoring force curved compared with those of software OrcaFlex, and they are in good agreement, which verify the reliability of the formula derived, and it is a prerequisite for the accurate simulations in further steps. Coupled analysis to the whole system in time domain is also carried out both in OrcaFlex and AQWA, and the representative response of the FPSO under different environmental conditions is compared, the results are consistent well with each other. It is a good reference for the future study in this field. Good static characteristics are a prerequisite for accurate analysis of time-domain motion. By comparing the results in the time domain, it is found that under the same working conditions, the analysis results calculated by different commercial software (AQWA and OrcaFlex) may be different. We need to perform design analysis based on the characteristics of the software.

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