The wave of intelligent manufacturing has swept the world, and intelligent manufacturing has realized the interconnection of the physical world and the information world. With the deep integration of intelligent manufacturing, cognitive computing and cognitive science, the manufacturing industry presents a new manufacturing model, which is called cognitive manufacturing. Cognitive manufacturing, as the evolution stage of intelligent manufacturing, endows industrial manufacturing system with perception and judgment ability. In addition, it enables the machine to realize self-adaptation, self-organization and self-decision-making based on cognition, thus completing accurate execution. But the manufacturing system cannot be entirely controlled by machines without the involvement of human. Based on the new generation of intelligent manufacturing for human-information-physical system and human-computer synthetic-intelligent system. This paper compares and extends the relevant technical models of intelligent manufacturing and cognitive manufacturing. Furthermore, it presents a framework that integrates the cognitive ability of human and machine, putting forward a cognitive manufacturing system architecture of human-machine collaborative cognition, called Human-in-Cognition Manufacturing-Loop (HCML). Additionally, the connotation, key implementation technology and future development trend of the system are discussed in details, and the role of artificial intelligence in the system are introduced.

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