Microphone is a critical component for seamless communication converting an acoustic signal (vocal) to an electrical signal. Traditionally Electrets Condenser Microphones (ECM) have been the primary proponent of audio component in many consumer products. With functionally rich consumer devices (example smart phones, etc) there is a growing trend to look at components with higher functionality but a smaller form factor. Microelectronic Mechanical Systems (MEMS) microphone is seen as a possible replacement to ECM due to its significant reduction in form fit with additional functionality. The paper is an effort to illustrate steps that can be considered while designing MEMS microphone in a system. This includes Design considerations, Reliability tests, Manufacturing challenges and Readiness to ensure higher yield during the final assembly. Manufacturing issues (Top 5) and guideline presented in the paper are not just to increase the assembly yield (system level), but also to increase an awareness upfront to the design phase to help create a robust system/product.

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