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Keywords: hybrid electric vehicle
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Proceedings Papers

Proc. ASME. IMECE2001, Advanced Vehicle Technologies, 245-250, November 11–16, 2001
Paper No: IMECE2001/DE-23279
...Abstract Abstract This paper will present a form of mobility control for a 6x6 Hybrid Electric Vehicle (HEV). The vehicle concerned is a series configured HEV utilising Hub Mounted Electric Drives (HMED) at each of the six wheel stations to provide Individual Wheel Control (IWC). Whereas...
Proceedings Papers

Proc. ASME. IMECE2012, Volume 11: Transportation Systems, 291-299, November 9–15, 2012
Paper No: IMECE2012-86711
... Copyright © 2012 by ASME 1 Proceedings of the ASME 2012 International Mechanical Engineering Congress & Exposition IMECE2012 November 9-15, 2012, Houston, Texas, USA IMECE2012-86711 DESIGN AND ANALYSIS OF A SERIES HYBRID ELECTRIC VEHICLE FOR INDIAN CONDITIONS C S Nanda Kumar Department...
Proceedings Papers

Proc. ASME. IMECE2002, Dynamic Systems and Control, 273-280, November 17–22, 2002
Paper No: IMECE2002-33460
... 23 05 2008 An energy management strategy – torque distribution and charge sustaining control – for a parallel hybrid electric vehicle with continuously variable transmission is proposed in this study. The torque distribution control problem is formulated as a multi-objective nonlinear...
Proceedings Papers

Proc. ASME. IMECE2003, Dynamic Systems and Control, Volumes 1 and 2, 373-383, November 15–21, 2003
Paper No: IMECE2003-41857
... to hybrid electric vehicle (HEV) system which is very sensitive to driving patterns. Furthermore, the AMMCS can be combined with the two conventional control strategies using global and local optimization techniques to improve performances further. The design goal of the AMMCS is to minimize fuel...
Proceedings Papers

Proc. ASME. IMECE2004, Dynamic Systems and Control, Parts A and B, 117-125, November 13–19, 2004
Paper No: IMECE2004-59067
... conscientiousness and ted fossil fuel resources, the development of a new energy erving and emission reducing generation of vehicles has me a necessity. Hybrid electric vehicles (HEVs) provide a ns for increasing propulsion system efficiency and easing pollutant emissions. Hybrid vehicles implement ertrains which...
Proceedings Papers

Proc. ASME. IMECE2005, Design Engineering, Parts A and B, 225-231, November 5–11, 2005
Paper No: IMECE2005-82338
... 25 01 2008 This paper describes the optimization of the parallel hybrid electric vehicle (HEV) component sizing using a genetic algorithm approach. The optimization process is performed over three different driving cycles including the European ECE-EUDC, American FTP and TEH-CAR cycles...
Proceedings Papers

Proc. ASME. IMECE2005, Dynamic Systems and Control, Parts A and B, 535-544, November 5–11, 2005
Paper No: IMECE2005-81514
.... Hybrid electric vehicle modeling design space exploration Gillespie, T. Fundamental of Vehicle Dynamics , Society of Automotive Engineers, Inc., 1992. Zou, Z., Davis, S., Beaty, K., O’Keefe, M., Hendricks, T., Rehn, R., Weissner, S., Sharma, V., “A New Composite Drive Cycle for Heavy-Duty...
Proceedings Papers

Proc. ASME. IMECE2006, Dynamic Systems and Control, Parts A and B, 493-504, November 5–10, 2006
Paper No: IMECE2006-15338
... be a solution for a local urban transportation system in this demanding era of sustainable mobility. hybrid electric vehicle fuel cell vehicle neighborhood electric vehicle grid inter-connection low speed vehicle renewable energy Moore, Bill, “Drive an EV and Never Buy Gas Again”, Mother Earth...
Proceedings Papers

Proc. ASME. IMECE2006, Dynamic Systems and Control, Parts A and B, 239-247, November 5–10, 2006
Paper No: IMECE2006-13797
... and disadvantages of the proposed architecture, and to determine the best conditions for its implementation. Significant reductions of fuel consumption are obtained under proper conditions. hybrid electric vehicle engine energy management modeling and simulation Diesel engine A. Amstutz, L...
Proceedings Papers

Proc. ASME. IMECE2006, Dynamic Systems and Control, Parts A and B, 249-258, November 5–10, 2006
Paper No: IMECE2006-13951
...-time suboptimal energy management decisions by minimizing the "equivalent" fuel consumption of a hybrid-electric vehicle. The equivalent fuel consumption is a combination of the actual fuel consumption and electrical energy use, and an equivalence factor is used to convert electrical power used...