Pressure pulsation in the scroll compressor was analyzed with three dimensional FLIC (flow in cell) method which was a kind of finite volume method.

In advance of analyses, the grid generation method for numerical analysis was established in the scroll compression chamber.

According to compression progress, grids in compression chambers are transformed and each conservation quantity which transport through the grid boundary was adjusted by moving boundary velocity.

The overset grid was used between compression chamber and discharge port.

In the overset grids, grids nodes of the discharge port are not located in same points of the compression chamber grid nodes. In this case the conservation quantity on the boundary is interpolated between every adjacent grids. However, we simplified interpolation with treating the discharge port as one grid.

Using this program, it is possible to predict the suction pressure pulsation, the compression pressure pulsation and the discharge pressure pulsation in the scroll.

Finally the supercharging construction using the suction pressure pulsation was developed and it is confirmed the supercharging effect of the suction path shape and the suction path length experimentally.

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