High Q-Factor vibrational energy harvesters are ideal as they maximize power generation, but a narrow bandwidth limits the potential use in most commercial applications, and it is a major challenge that has not been resolved. Numerous designs have been investigated to solve this challenge but most of the attempts are based on frequency sweeping mechanism or require complex design/fabrication which are not practical especially for MEMS devices. This paper reports for the first time a transverse vertical moving mass inside the proof mass as a method to widen the bandwidth which is independent of frequency sweeping. The out-of-plane movable mass is achieved by fabricating a vertical cavity in the proof mass and partially filling the cavity with metallic spheres. Ultra-wide bandwidth was achieved for low (0.5g) and high (1g) accelerations with an increase in bandwidth from 3.9 Hz (control) to 56 Hz (movable mass). This transverse method of widening the bandwidth is potentially scalable to MEMS devices.

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