Renewable and clean energy are safe sources for powering the world in the future. The use of fossil fuels in the transportation sector produces 15 to 20 % of greenhouse gas emissions. To solve this problem, renewable energy sources are being considered for use in the domain of transportation, and compressed air energy is one of them. But the efficiency of the compressed air powered systems depends largely on its energy storage density. In this paper, the performance of two distinct compressed air reservoirs for energy storage in small scale systems was investigated. Two air compressors fitted with static reservoirs were utilized for the experiment. The first air compressor was driven by an internal combustion engine (ICE) and the second was driven by an electric motor. The experimental results were used to provide a frame of reference for the computer (MATLAB) simulation on the dynamic reservoir. Additionally, the dynamic reservoir, which is a system fitted with a piston and spring, was analyzed considering three different spring stiffness. This study showed that the dynamic reservoir provides a consistent and better performance during the charging and discharging process, affecting positively the behavior of the pressure and the compressed air mass flowrate.

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