Ever since x-ray cine-angiography was employed to visualize blood vessels, the observed flow of contrast through the vasculature enticed researches to attempt evaluation of blood flow or its velocity through the observed contrast dispersion. However, despite considerable efforts that were expended both in vitro on phantoms and in vivo, the determination of blood flow from the observed contrast remains elusive. What conspired to frustrate these efforts are the complex physical phenomena that govern the dispersion of a bolus of contrast in the pulsatile flowing blood solvent. Further, what compounded the difficulties is the deteriorating visibility of the contrast as it dispersed in the blood. In this experiment we investigate the dispersion of iodine based contrast material as is settles in slender glass vials filled with various fluids that are commonly used to either dilute the contrast material for in vivo application or as fluid media into which the contrast is injected both in vivo and in vitro.

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