This paper is the first that uses the new conjugation curvature theory [1] to directly synthesize conjugate tooth profiles with the given relative curvature that determines the Hertzian contact stress. Conjugation curvature theory offers a systematic methodology to synthesize the relative curvature for a tooth pair. For any given relative curvature between the contact tooth profiles, a generating point can be located on an auxiliary body. Under the rolling motion among the pinion pitch, the gear pitch and the pitch on the auxiliary body, the generating point will trace fully conjugate profiles on the pinion and gear bodies with the given relative curvature at the instant of the contact. Full conjugation throughout the contact of the profiles is guaranteed with the three instant centers remaining coincident [1]. The methodology is demonstrated with a planar tooth profile synthesis with given relative curvature. One may find that the Wildhaber-Novikov tooth profile, which is known to have low relative curvature and Hertzian contact stress, and its variations become special cases under such methodology.

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