Tire blowout is one of the most dangerous tire malfunctions which could result in severe property damage, personal injury, even loss of life. In the existing literatures, active tire blowout fail-safe control strategies based on rules or optimal control have been proposed. However, little attention has been put on driver behavior, which plays an important role in the stability performance control when tire blowout is experienced. Because of the uncertainties of failure mode and failure level, most of existing active control strategies are not easy to be implemented. This paper presents the research work on stability control for tire blowout vehicle, considering the driver behavior at the emergent scenario. The Electro Hydraulic Brake (EHB) based Brake by Wire (BBW) system is used as the brake system, which can regulate the wheel brake force individually and accurately. The simulation results show that stability and brake efficiency can be achieved in tire blowout fail-safe control by combining the driver operation model and BBW.

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