This paper presents the research results of the first stage of the Marie Curie Project, MYMOSA (MotorcYcle and MOtorcyclist SAfety). One of the aims of MYMOSA is increasing safety of motorcycle’s rider by better understanding of its road behaviour. It can be achieved by simulations of the motorcycle-rider system during road manoeuvres and pre-/crash scenarios. The process of the motorcycle-rider system development and initial results of the road behaviour simulations are presented. The system is divided into three separate elements: controller, motorcycle and rider’s body models. The co-simulations of motorcycle, rider and controller, are performed to determine the behaviour of the system on the road. Obtained simulation results are compared with results from the system without multibody rider’s model. During further work, kinematic and dynamic properties of the rider’s body parts will be used as inputs for crash simulations with detailed rider’s model to determine positions and severity of injuries caused by crash.

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