Background of experimental and methodical work is the loss of coolant accident (LOCA) with release of fibrous pipe insulation material. Latest investigations were focused on material deposition and distribution (cross mixing) in the reactor core. Therefore, a 2×2 PWR fuel assembly (FA) cluster was constructed. Four shortened PWR-FA-dummies are provided with separated in- and outlets. Every 16×16 fuel rod dummy consists of 20 control rod simulators, two spacers, FA-head and FA-bottom with a 3.5×3.5 mm integrated debris-screen filter (IDF). The cluster is encased in an acrylic housing for visual observation. It is connected with the test facility “Zittau Flow Tray” (ZFT), a simplified sump model, which allows inclusion and investigation of complex phenomena like material sedimentation in the sump and strainer blockages. A well mixing of air in the fluid was also considered by free jet expansions and flows through full cone-nozzles as well as marginal air entrainments.

This Paper includes descriptions of applied measuring techniques (digital image processing, thrubeam laser sensors etc.) and an overview of all considered boundary conditions. Experimental results, aiming at the development, implementation and verification of multiphase flow and strainer models, are presented.

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