The objective of this paper is to study the effect of multiple jet impingements on one another in a heat sink under adiabatic conditions. The jet impingement is a unique design which aimed to optimize the cooling performance of a concentrated photovoltaic cell. The paper is based on the design and fabrication of a new 9-celled test section. Initially, to set a baseline, individual cells in the 9-celled test section were tested alone in order to observe their flow regimes. These tests were completed by applying varying water cross flow rates to a set air-water mass flow rate exiting the jet impingement. Afterwards, two cells were tested in conjunction with one another under similar conditions. The location of the cells tested had been varied in order to observe how different cells interact with another. Plug flow and bubbly flow were consistently found through the various experiments. In general, it was noticed at higher crossflow rates the bubble sizes and quantity would decrease drastically.

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