Adiabatics INC. developed a high temperature lubricant (HTL) to work under the rigid regime of advanced high output diesel engine operating parameters. The advanced diesel engine requirements are 410 °C (770 F) top ring reversal (TRR) temperature, 175 °C (350 F) sump temperature and friction coefficient of μ = 0.085 – 0.10. The thermal oxidation of lubricant, tribology lubrication breakdown, and formation of deposit which occur under engine rigid working condition, are studied and analyzed. This paper includes tests data of the developed high temperature lubricant used in the tribology complex test bench, on low heat rejection (LHR) single cylinder diesel engine, lubricant screening tests, and also the lubricant was tested in a full scale 6 cylinder production Cummins ISB-305 diesel engine. The ISB-305 diesel engine has been modified; the engine has been tested per future combat system specifications, the engine demonstrated high performance of 510 hp output.

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