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Keywords: NOx Emissions
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Proceedings Papers

Proc. ASME. GT2022, Volume 2: Coal, Biomass, Hydrogen, and Alternative Fuels; Controls, Diagnostics, and Instrumentation; Steam Turbine, V002T03A009, June 13–17, 2022
Paper No: GT2022-81131
..., 2022, Rotterdam, The Netherlands GT2022-81131 ANALYSIS OF THE NOx EMISSIONS DERIVING FROM HYDROGEN/AIR COMBUSTION IN A SWIRLING NON-PREMIXED ANNULAR MICRO-COMBUSTOR Luca Mazzotta, Francesca Di Gruttola, Orlando Palone, Gabriele Guglielmo Gagliardi, Domenico Borello University of Rome La Sapienza, Rome...
Proceedings Papers

Proc. ASME. GT2021, Volume 3A: Combustion, Fuels, and Emissions, V03AT04A025, June 7–11, 2021
Paper No: GT2021-58926
... operative conditions. The objective of this paper is to investigate the influence of pressure on the micromix flame with focus on the flame initiation point and the NOx emissions. A numerical model based on a steady RANS approach and the Complex Chemistry model with relevant reactions of the GRI 3.0...
Proceedings Papers

Proc. ASME. GT2020, Volume 4A: Combustion, Fuels, and Emissions, V04AT04A034, September 21–25, 2020
Paper No: GT2020-14626
... Berlin Mu¨ller-Breslau-Str. 8, 10623 Berlin, Germany ABSTRACT The reduction of polluting NOx emission remains a driv- ing factor in the design process of swirl-stabilized combustion systems, to meet strict legislative restrictions. In reacting swirl flows, hydrodynamic coherent structures...
Proceedings Papers

Proc. ASME. GT2020, Volume 4B: Combustion, Fuels, and Emissions, V04BT04A042, September 21–25, 2020
Paper No: GT2020-16081
...NUMERICAL STUDIES OF NOVEL AERO ENGINE SECONDARY COMBUSTORS FOR LOW-NOX EMISSIONS Andrew Rolt1, Víctor Martínez Bueno1, Mirko Romanelli1, Xiaoxiao Sun1, Pierre Gauthier1, Vishal Sethi1, Cesar Celis2 1School of Aerospace, Transport and Manufacturing, Cranfield University, College Road, Cranfield...
Proceedings Papers

Proc. ASME. GT2020, Volume 4A: Combustion, Fuels, and Emissions, V04AT04A050, September 21–25, 2020
Paper No: GT2020-14953
... shown to elucidate changes in sampled exhaust emissions, enabling detailed analysis of intermediate chemistry. A comparison was made between experimental data and chemical kinetic simulations with a reactor network model, demonstrating the sensitivity of NOx emissions to premixed fuel-air equivalence...
Proceedings Papers

Proc. ASME. GT2012, Volume 2: Combustion, Fuels and Emissions, Parts A and B, 829-835, June 11–15, 2012
Paper No: GT2012-69080
...) can be observed for the different fuel mixtures at different pressure levels. Hydrogen-Rich Fuel Gases NO x Emissions High-Pressure Premixed Flames 1 Copyright © 2012 by ASME COMBUSTION CHARACTERISTICS AND NOX EMISSION OF HYDROGEN-RICH FUEL GASES AT GAS TURBINE RELEVANT CONDITIONS Y.-C...
Proceedings Papers

Proc. ASME. GT2008, Volume 3: Combustion, Fuels and Emissions, Parts A and B, 137-144, June 9–13, 2008
Paper No: GT2008-50265
... and NOx emissions, flashback phenomena are not discussed in further detail. Lean Blow Out limits were found to have weak pressure dependence for the methane containing mixture whereas for the other mixtures this dependence is slightly stronger: “Lean Blow Out” limits move to less lean condition...
Proceedings Papers

Proc. ASME. GT2007, Volume 2: Turbo Expo 2007, 373-382, May 14–17, 2007
Paper No: GT2007-27496
..., NOx Emissions, Turbulent Flame Speeds, Fuel Flexibility, High-pressure Lean Premixed Flames INTRODUCTION Lean premixed combustion is considered the state-of-the- art technology applied in stationary gas turbines for highly efficient, low-emission power generation using natural gas. Homogenous fuel/air...
Proceedings Papers

Proc. ASME. GT2002, Volume 1: Turbo Expo 2002, 533-544, June 3–6, 2002
Paper No: GT2002-30089
... was Jet A. A correlation is developed relating the NOx emissions to the inlet temperature, inlet pressure, and fuel-air ratio. Using a hypothetical 55:1 pressure-ratio engine, cycle NOx emissions are estimated to be less than 40% of the 1996 ICAO standard. combustor NOx emissions lean direct...
Proceedings Papers

Proc. ASME. GT2006, Volume 1: Combustion and Fuels, Education, 405-412, May 8–11, 2006
Paper No: GT2006-90490
... and of NO hea pro planar laser induced fluorescence of the OH radical (OH-PLIF) 1 Copyright © 2006 by ASME e temperature at LBO is approximately 60 K lower lting in the reduction of NOx concentration by 35 % 0.3 ppm/15% O2). words: n Blowout Limits, NOx Emissions, Hydrogen Enrichment, h-pressure Lean...