A new hypothesis is presented for the superimposed effects of the blade pressure distribution in a multistage compressor. The effects of the unsteady pressure fluctuations on the blade surface are separated into three groups. The influences of the upstream or downstream rotors can be obtained by numerical simulation for the R/S or S/R configuration; the data produced by all the influences can be obtained from the R/S/R configuration. The effects of the blade counts and clocking on the superimposed effects, acting on the profile pressure distribution, are studied using a special data analysis method that had been previously developed by the authors. The results indicate that the blade counts of the upstream and downstream rotors determine the periods of the unsteady pressure fluctuations on the stator surface. The clocking moving blade rows modulate the relative superimposed phases and interactions between two rotors such that the unsteady pressure fluctuates with different amplitudes on the surface of the stator blade.

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