Flame stability is a crucial issue in low NOx combustion systems operating at extremely lean conditions. Hydrogen enrichment seems to be a promising option to extend lean blowout limits of natural gas combustion. This experimental study addresses flame stability enhancement and NOx reduction in turbulent, high-pressure, lean premixed methane/air flames in a generic combustor, capable of a wide range of operating conditions. Lean blowout limits (LBO) and NOx emissions are presented for pressures up to 14 bars, bulk velocities in the range of 32–80 m/s, two different preheating temperatures (673 K, 773 K), and a range of fuel mixtures from pure methane to 20% H2/80% CH4 by volume. The influence of turbulence on LBO limits is discussed, too. In addition to the investigation of perfectly premixed H2-enriched flames, LBO and NOx are also discussed for hydrogen piloting. Experiments have revealed that a mixture of 20% hydrogen and 80% methane, by volume, can typically extend the lean blowout limit by roughly 10% compared to pure methane. The flame temperature at LBO is approximately 60 K lower resulting in the reduction of NOx concentration by ≈ 35% (0.5 → 0.3 ppm/15% O2).

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