Diffuser vane of tubular pump is different with that of the axial flow pump, since the diffusion angle after the impeller is larger than as usual, which is an important part of bulb tubular pump system. By calculating the hydraulic loss of each part of bulb tubular pump system, it is found that the hydraulic loss of diffuser vane is in large proportion of the whole hydraulic loss. For this situation, focuses on the design parameters of diffuser vane such as diffuser vane length, unilateral edge diffusion angle, equivalent diffusion angle are necessary. In this paper, CFD method is used to simulate the turbulent flow in a bulb tubular pumping system with two different diffuser vanes. The three dimensional flow fields in the whole passage of pumping system with different diffuser vanes are obtained. The results show that all the main geometry parameters of the diffuser vane design affect the performances of tubular pumping system, it should be chosen the parameters reasonably based on the actual situation.

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